Insurance Coverage Advice & Disputes

Many public entities decide to participate in risk pooling arrangements instead of insurance, or in combination therewith. Many are part of a joint powers authority (JPA) that provides coverage protection according to the provisions of a memorandum of coverage.

Public entities, even those that self-insure, eventually have issues with insurance companies. Public entities may have their own insurance, be a part of a JPA that buys excess insurance or reinsurance, or may qualify as an additional insured on policies issued to other parties with whom they enter into contracts. In all those situations, public entities may need to enforce insurer obligations. Quinn Covarrubias enforces such obligations.

Quinn Covarrubias insurance coverage attorneys have obtained numerous published decisions helping to shape the law of insurance coverage in the state of California and provide advise and counsel to hundreds in disputes against their insurance carriers, analyzing various policies in different factual settings.

When a dispute arises, our attorneys are extremely well positioned to make the best coverage arguments for our clients, often persuading the insurer to our clients’ view and avoiding protracted litigating. However, if resolution is not otherwise available, the coverage attorneys have a proven track record of successfully litigated insurance coverage cases through judgment and appeal.

We have defended insurance companies and sued insurance companies, giving us the unique perspective to understand our adversary’s strategies and weak spots. Unlike some law firms, we do not vilify the entire insurance industry. Some insurers are fair, professional and reasonable in their handling of claims and we have provided coverage advice to some of them who appreciate our in-depth understanding of insurance law and our ability to provide clear and objective opinions regarding the insurer’s contractual duty. In cases where an insurer is unreasonable in its conduct toward its insured, we have represented insureds seeking to enforce the insured’s rights and to obtain appropriate financial recovery.

George E. Murphy

Of Counsel