Construction Disputes & Defects

The relationship between an individual the contractor he or she hires is contractual in nature. Thus, before a hammer is even lifted, it is important to make sure the contract adequately protects the individual and is designed to accomplish the individual’s goals. There are many different ways this contract can be structured. It is advisable to ask an attorney to review the contract before signing anything. Quinn Covarrubias can help with that.

If, during or after construction, a problem arises, Quinn Covarrubias can help find a solution. That may involve simply advising the client what rights and options he or she has, to contacting and negotiating directly with the contractor in an effort to solve a problem, to initiating action against the contractor if all else fails. There are important laws and procedures unique to disputes with contractors, and the attorneys of Quinn Covarrubias are very familiar with them.

George E. Murphy

Of Counsel