Civil Appeals

The appellate attorneys of Quinn Covarrubias have deep experience and proven results representing clients on appeal in state and federal courts of appeal. The firm’s appellate lawyers have represented clients in hundreds of appellate matters, and have obtained a plethora of published decisions establishing important legal precedent in many areas of the law, including: public entity liability, employment, insurance coverage and bad faith, complex business transactions, personal injury, product liability, family law, real estate, professional liability, and contract disputes.

Often working with trial counsel prior to filing an appeal, our appellate lawyers complement and enhance the efforts of trial counsel in a team approach to obtain the best possible result for our client.

In appellate law, the written legal brief is crucial. Facts are limited to what was already presented in the trial court, in almost every case. The process involves identifying potential arguments, researching and analyzing applicable law, and design and write a cogent, powerful and well organized appellate brief. Whereas oratorical skills are optimized in trial court, effective appellate counsel should have exceptional research and writing skills. Most cases on appeal are won or lost in the written briefs. The appellate lawyers of Quinn Covarrubias pride themselves on producing the highest quality and most persuasive appellate briefs possible. Whether the party won or lost at trial, it is usually a good idea to consult an attorney experienced and skilled in appellate practice when the case is headed to the court of appeal. And, remember, the deadlines for filing a notice of appeal in federal or state court are short and absolutely critical.

Our appellate lawyers are admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the California Supreme Court, and all districts of the California State Court of Appeal.

George E. Murphy

Of Counsel