Real Estate

Real Estate Transaction & Litigation Attorneys

One of the core competencies of Quinn Covarrubias is real estate law.  Our real estate attorneys have experience in both real estate transactions and litigation.  We advise and represent clients on such matters as: purchases and sales, partition, disclosures, financing, foreclosures, easements, leases, fiduciary obligations of agents and brokers, and more.

We have practiced in this area for decades.  We take the time to understand your situation and needs, then we tailor our approach to your specific circumstances and your goals.  Hiring experienced lawyers with successful track records to properly prepare contracts and other documents, along with careful planning can minimize the chances of future disputes and costly litigation.

Real Estate Transactions

With offices in Sacramento and Irvine, Quinn Covarrubias experienced real estate law attorneys offer sound advice and a sophisticated approach to addressing a broad range of real estate transaction needs throughout California.

Our real estate lawyers represent sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants in the purchase, sale or leasing of commercial property of all kinds.  Offices, retail space, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, franchise outlets, auto dealerships, multi-family dwellings and homes. Our ability to define purchase, lease or option terms and create the appropriate legal documents can protect your investment and your future growth, while securing and protecting your immediate real estate needs.

Our Real Estate Transaction law practice has experience in:

  • Real estate partnerships and LLP’s
  • Tenancy in common agreements
  • Commercial real estate sales & leasing
  • Contracts
  • Development
  • Covenants
  • Easements
  • Landlord/tenant management problems and disputes
  • Construction Law
  • Business entity formations and transactions

Real Estate Litigation

It is unfortunate, but highly likely that if you have a business for any length of time you will either wind up filing a lawsuit or being sued. And real estate is no exception. There are a wide variety of circumstances and events that can lead to a dispute that can only be resolved with litigation.

In litigation, it is absolutely essential that you have an advocate who not only understands the intricacies of the law, but also your business.  At Quinn Covarrubias, our real estate lawyers ask the right questions to fully understand your situation so we can effectively prepare and develop your case. Our attorneys have a deep background in both real estate and construction law, enabling us to provide you with the counsel and guidance you need in the event of litigation.

When our attorneys approach real estate litigation, our objectives are to identify the broadest range of favorable outcomes, keep expenses and uncertainty to a minimum, and keep you fully informed and aware of your options at every stage in the process.  Whether you are an experienced and savvy real estate client, or are facing a lawsuit for the first time, our real estate litigation lawyers will provide forceful representation in court, considering your objectives, your risk tolerance and budget. Our objective is to enable you to make informed choices about your situation, with the confidence of knowing that your attorneys are ready, willing and able to fully protect your rights in court through trial and appeal.

Our Real Estate Litigation practice has experience in:

  • Landlord-tenant litigation
  • Breach of contract, lease or purchase agreement claims
  • Partition actions
  • Property and boundary disputes
  • Construction defects or contract litigation
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Enforcing buyer’s rights under a purchase agreement
  • Fraud, misrepresentation, or nondisclosure claims against sellers or brokers
  • Tax liens, judgment liens, or mechanics’ liens
  • Mortgage foreclosure concerns and negotiating distressed property workouts
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