Professional Liability

Attorneys at Quinn Covarrubias have worked with a broad variety of clients regarding professional liability litigation cases. Our attorneys are experienced in evaluating cases for professional negligence and malpractice, misrepresentations, breach of duty, causation, damages, statute of limitations, malicious prosecution and breach of contract. In cases where fault is truly present, our attorneys can negotiate waivers and appropriate settlements in familiar territory where we speak the language.

Perhaps even more important, the attorneys at Quinn Covarrubias can give valuable advice to businesses on preventative measures, procedures and best practices to avoid the unbelievable amount of time and money lost in a professional liability lawsuit. Other important items to consider now are terms, conditions and comparisons of malpractice insurance, contracts and claims policies.

Whether you’re a doctor facing a medical malpractice, real estate broker or attorney facing serious allegations who needs a strong defense, our attorneys have experience and a successful track record of expertly handling cases involving alleged professional liability and errors and omissions.

Mark A. Campbell

Of Counsel