Construction Defects

Quinn Covarrubias attorneys recognize that construction related disputes can put business relationships at risk and significantly increase the cost of a building project. The lawyers at Quinn Covarrubias are committed to providing proactive legal advice and representation to address these and similar critical issues.

Our construction attorneys represent developers, general contractors, sub-contractors, design professionals, engineers, suppliers and manufacturers involved in the construction process – residential and commercial.

The relationship between an individual the contractor he or she hires is contractual in nature. Thus, before a hammer is even lifted, it is important to make sure the contract adequately protects the individual and is designed to accomplish the individual’s goals. There are many different ways this contract can be structured. It is advisable to ask an attorney to review the contract before signing anything. Quinn Covarrubias can help with that.

If, during or after construction, a problem arises, Quinn Covarrubias can help find a solution. That may involve simply advising the client what rights and options he or she has, to contacting and negotiating directly with the contractor in an effort to solve a problem, to initiating action against the contractor if all else fails. There are important laws and procedures unique to disputes with contractors, and the attorneys of Quinn Covarrubias are very familiar with them.

Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of construction law, including:

  • Construction Claims
  • Construction Related Disputes
  • Contract Bidding and Negotiation
  • Contract Preparation
  • Surety Issues
  • Payment Issues
  • Government Contracts and Administrative Law Issues
  • Quality of Workmanship, and Materials Issues
  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

While our attorneys are prepared to litigate construction disputes in both state and federal courts, we often seek to resolve disputes before litigation commences, or to use alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration during the course of litigation. Our objective is to resolve construction disputes efficiently and cost effectively while endeavoring to preserve and maintain existing business relationships.

Experienced Insurance Law Attorneys

Our lawyers have extensive insurance law expertise, which is of profound value to clients seeking coverage in the context of a construction-related lawsuit. The insurance issues are often complex in that setting and involve not only an examination of our client’s own policies, but a determination of whether our client qualifies as an “additional insured” under a policy obtained by someone else involved in the particular project.

Our attorneys are experienced and skilled in the art of negotiations and often recommend participation in mediation. However, when the process does not succeed, our lawyers are fully prepared to aggressively try to case to conclusion.

Early evaluation provides our clients clear advice to chart the best course for to the particular situation. Our attorneys advise clients at the front end concerning pre-construction issues such as contracts, insurance and associated real estate matters. Our lawyers are also very familiar with Mechanic’s Lien laws and procedures and assist many clients in that area as well.

With offices in Rosevill CA and Irvine CA, the lawyers at Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn provide years of construction law experience, handling all aspects of construction-related lawsuits, including insurance, pre-construction, contracts and real estate matters. Our attorneys represent developers, contractors, subcontractors, designers, suppliers and manufacturers across California.

George E. Murphy

Of Counsel