There are many ways a business can find itself in in a lawsuit, such as disputes involving employment, personal injury, property damage, products liability, intellectual property, real estate or contract. After a battling it out in the trial court, the losing party often wants to file an appeal and seek review by the court of appeal—whether in State or Federal Court.  Even if the party was represented by a different firm in the trial court, we are often consulted about handling the case at the appellate level, and we are uniquely qualified to do so. The appellate lawyers of Quinn Covarrubias have handled hundreds of cases on appeal, and obtained a multitude of published decisions. Whether the business was the prevailing party or not in the trial court, it is always a good idea to consult attorneys who are very experienced in the appellate process, with a track record of success in that realm. The appellate court views the case very differently and appellate counsel will explain the process and provide an initial evaluation for the client based on all the available information, so the client can perform a cost-benefit analysis. However, any party contemplating an appeal needs to act fast because there are short deadlines for filing a notice of appeal, and failure to act in time can be catastrophic to the appeal.

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George E. Murphy

Of Counsel