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Quinn Covarrubias is a select group of exceptional legal professionals dedicated to the vigorous protection of our clients’ interests. We are experienced trial attorneys who advocate for our clients both in and out of the courtroom.

Because our trial attorneys are fully prepared to take cases through trial, we are often able to negotiate pre-trial settlements favorable to our clients. Our appellate team has obtained approximately 40 published decisions that have helped to shape California law, particularly regarding insurance coverage and public entity liability.

Quinn Covarrubias has offices in Northern and Southern California, strategically located to handle cases in all parts of the state, as well as in Nevada. Our practice spans many areas of law and clients have included businesses both big and small, individuals, and public agencies, such as cities, counties, and public utilities.

Formerly, Murphy Campbell Alliston & Quinn, our law firm has been providing consistent and effective legal representation since 2007. The firm is now proudly 100 percent women owned. The legal professionals at Quinn Covarrubias are completely committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients and have the talent, resources, and experience for any task at hand.


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Elise D. Rice

Associate Attorney

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Of Counsel

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Mark A. Campbell

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